We specialize in painting of aluminum houses with a 15 year guarantee.  However, we also paint wood houses and vinyl can be painted too.

First step is to pressure wash the house to be painted.  This is when you remove any dirt and mildew with pressure and bleach.  Also, pressure washing helps to remove any loose and peeling paint.  After the house is pressure washed, prepping begins.  Scrape, sand, prime and caulking has to be done to ensure a long lasting finish and that your home is sealed properly.

The next step is to mask off all areas of the house where paint is not to go.  We mask off all windows and lay drops on concrete, roofs and all plants.  We take great pride in ensuring that paint goes where it is supposed to.  We spray the entire house we paint and when we paint wood houses we back brush.  Spraying houses ensures an even and thorough application of paint.  Also, we have exterior painting system that allows us to paint very efficiently which saves us and the customer money.

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If you are thinking about painting your house contact Noble Services today!

What makes us different?

  • When we give you a quote to paint your house it is final! We never raise our price half way through a job. Many contractors low ball a price and then raise the price, “that’s why they call it an estimate”. We don’t give estimates we gives quotes!
  • We work very hard and our jobs never take longer than a couple days. When we start a job we finish it.  We never start another job until your house is painted.
  • We don’t collect any money until our customers are totally happy. We guarantee our work and if you’re not happy you don’t pay.  By the way, we’ve never not been paid.
  • We spray all our houses which saves time and ensures consistently excellent results and we pass along the savings to our customers. We are more affordable than most painting contractors.

"Marcus and his crew were so professional throughout the whole time they were painting our house. They were one of the less expensive companies but their results were better than we could have ever expected. They went above and beyond our expectations and we recommended them to all our friends. Thanks Noble!"
-Rich Trotter

"Noble did such a great job painting our house! It only took them a couple days but it looks like they worked a month on it. We had no idea how much of a difference it would make painting our house. Our house looks brand new again. We loved their work so much we are having them paint the inside of our house this winter, so the inside can look as good as the outside!"
-Bob and Mary Teasel

"I recommend Marcus to anyone who wants a hardworking company that goes above and beyond. They were clean, neat and did a stand up job. I am a very particular person and Marcus made sure I was completely satisfied. I am so glad I choose Marcus’s company to paint my house."
-Robert Pelliano